Eugene's cave?

Daniel 'Eugene' Hammell or just Eugene for short, is 41.9 Years old, and he lives in a cave with his mother. He does have an electrical supply in his cave, along with heating and water.

Relationship status

Happily in a relationship with Tom Hunter. The two have a happy and fruitful relationship, with highs and lows. Tom says: 'I am very happy with our relationship and I hope it lasts forever and Eugene keeps on loving'.


Tom (left) and 'Eugene' happily holding hands.

(Psst. I am not supposed to tell anyone but I can't hold it in. I heard that Tom is planning on proposing to Eugene on the 15th of May this year, at the leavers do!)

Eugene's Mother

Eugenes mother

Eugene's Mother?

Very little is known about Eugene's mother. The main known fact is that; on at least one occasion, Eugene's mother attempted to awaken the sleeping Eugene only to recieve a hefty punch to the face, knocking her flat on her backside. Ouch.


There is only one known pet that Eugene has owened which is his fish named 'Fish'. Little is known about Fish apart from it is now dead. There is assumtions that he has ate it. However I seriously doubt that because he hates fish, so I'm assuming he killed it.

More interesting facts about Eugene

  • He has plans to drive from his cave (situated in the middle of nowhere) to Dundee and back every day. This journey will take about 6 hours each way.
  • He doesn't eat food or drink beverages, it is apparently 'for the weak'.
  • He only sleeps during daylight hours for about 16 hours.
  • He is the lighting 'man' for school performances.
  • He treats video games as real life.


A huge fan of:

  • Soviet Russia, Stalin, the red army and speaking with a shit Russian accent.
  • Weapons and stuff like that. - He knows unnecessary names of unnecessary weapons.

    Joey Stalin. A Russian guy who Eugene likes.

  • Turning the moon into a Death Star.
  • Listening to 'Hillbilly' music.
  • Watching videos of 'Hillbillies' making weapons.
  • Creepypasta.


Eugene has many fears including: Walking, people, paper, the Sun and the Sun newspaper.


One of Eugene's fears. Nobody knows why. Maybe it's the combination of the Sun (Star) and paper.



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